Thursday, August 21, 2008

Game On

I'm not one just to sit and watch television
and not be doing something else.
Not that I can't couch potato away
a weekend with the Lifetime
or Hallmark channels.

But for the most part I will read a book,
magazine or play a game on the computer.

My favorite being

Spider Solitare
Anyone else like this one?  I'm not one to venture on the difficult board, just the medium board.
But I also like this game
Jewel Quest. 
I've made it through all the boards once.
Now I'm going through them again.
So what games do you like to play ?

1 comment:

Sister One said...

Try the Ancient Quest of Saqqarrah. It's an awful lot like Jewel Quest, but even more addictive if that is even possible. I also love the Virtual Villager type of game. Only trouble I have is that I completely lose track of time when I play and it's midnight before I know it. I'm no longer a night owl!