Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lost Photos Now Recovered

You know how "lost" movies or sitcom episodes are always cropping up years after the fact? The same thing has happened to our family.

After the grousing from Sister Two and Sister Three about the lack of non-porn childhood photos, I kind of got to feeling bad. After all, it's not their fault that I was the cutest, brightest, and most endearing (not to mention photogenic) child that Mom and Dad had.

I was sure there were probably more photos somewhere and I'm happy to report that I have found several. Of course we won't mention the massive number of photos that I had to sort through to recover these vacation pictures.

The first one is from the summer that Mom and Dad took them to see the Alamo. You guys don't talk about that trip much but if I remember correctly, this was the one where you drove straight through without stopping ... even for the bathroom. You were so happy because Mom let you eat peanut butter from a spoon when you were hungry.

This is a bridge that you begged and begged to walk across.
Mom and Dad found a little sidewalk cafe and ordered some sandwiches
and Pepsi while you two frolicked. After all, you had already eaten.

It's such a good picture of the two of you and you look like you are having lots of fun.

I wasn't as jealous about the Alamo and San Antonio as I was when you got to go to camping in Canada. Oh sure, I went to Canada with them, but I was all of five years old and all I really remember is chewing fire ball gum that I got from a kid at the next camp site. I also vaguely remember fried macaroni over a fire. You guys got to grill trout that you caught from this lake.

I think that was also when Nicki got lost and found the poison ivy. I vaguely remember someone saying that Dad threatened to throw her in the lake if she didn't quit scratching.

From there you went to Boise, Idaho. Now normally you wouldn't have a picture of the two of you standing on a corner looking so forlorn, but this was after about the 4,587th time Katie had asked, "Are we there yet?" at the same time that mom asked, "Honey, did you put the suitcase in the trunk? It was by the third tree on the right. Or was it the fourth tree on the left?"

Needless to say, he didn't see it and you were doomed to wear the same clothes for the entire trip. As I understand it, there was a certain pair of purple polyester star pants in there. Losing those brought Nicki to tears for several hundred miles and she begged and begged him to turn around and go retrieve her beloved pants.

Death Valley was such fun for everyone after listening to Nicki cry for several hundred miles because she had lost her favorite pants. At least it was fun until the car overheated and so did Dad. You got to explore the area while Dad fiddled with the radiator. Mom wisely took you down to the sign and took this marvelous picture of you.

Twelve and a half hours later you were back on the road.

The next stop was the Maritime Museum in San Diego. You were looking for the zoo, but with the massive traffic you had to settle for looking at a ship.

The next stop was the Grand Canyon.

Oops! I almost forgot your jaunt into Sequoia National Forest.

I also have this one from Wassau, Wisconsin. I'm really not sure why you were there, but Dad kept muttering something about a quest for cheese. But not just any cheese, it had to be cheese from happy cows.

I sure hope this has helped you guys feel just a little less slighted in the photo department. If it hasn't let me know and I'll delve into my photo boxes again.

A big thank-you goes out to for the background images. I'm sure this helped to restore my sisters' sense of well-being.


sister 3 said...

you have indeed restored my sense of well being! Thank You!!!

Erica said...

I am LOL, and I'm not even part of your family! I might do this to my sister . . .

Anonymous said...

Okay - I'm thinking I don't remember Pam taking those vacations. Then about four photos in I see.............I'm cracking up!!! Everyday I await the next story!!!!!

Three Sisters said...

Oh my gosh Trudy, I thought you were on crack for a minute there. But I'm laughing my butt off. Too funny!! Sad thing is, it's still just one of our four pictures.

Sharon said...

Whose bucket list included learning photo shop? One of the three sisters has learned VERY well. Great job, and great fun