Thursday, August 7, 2008

Overwhelmed and Depressed

It's approximately 100 hours until I return to work.

Officially, that is.

That statement in and of itself is very depressing.

But you want to know what is REALLY depressing?

This is:

Because all of this summer work mess where we bar coded and leveled our book collection

must somehow miraculously turn into this within the next 100 hours!

Somehow, it will happen. It always does.
That's why I believe in miracles.

Don't you just love our freshly polished floors?

Our custodian really rocks. You can literally see yourself
(or at least our book collection) in our floors.


Erica said...

My husband, also a teacher, is looking at the same kind of situation in his classroom, I believe. :-/

SisterTwo said...

Sadly your classroom still looks better than my house after our return from the county fair. How does one get all that stuff into a 4x6 camper space? A question to ponder.

Wish we had shiny wood floors at home. Enjoy your last few days of kid free time, as the last week before school is flying by.