Friday, August 8, 2008

Krista, Krista, Krista

It seems like just yesterday that Krista was playing in the sand like these kids were at the county fair.

Now she is busy with her own livestock.

She works hard all morning and is finally ready for the ring.

But first, she has to wait.

and wait.

But Snoopy doesn't seem to mind.

Mom does though .... she's nervous and seems to be saying a last minute
prayer while Dad dispenses last minute advice.

Finally, they get to enter the ring.
The guy in the checkered shirt is Lance Miller, the judge.

She has to set the feet just right and she works at it.

But finally, Snoopy is set and Krista waits for the next set of instructions from the judge.

The judge really works them out and has them move their livestock throughout the ring. He also has two competitors exchange places to see how they handle their steers when they move.

Then he asks questions.

Then they parade them through the ring again so he can have another look at them.

He likes what he sees and after a very, very long narration as to how he made his choices he finally announces that Krista has won Champion Intermediate Showmanship.

She's just a little happy .... and rightly so after all of the 5 a.m. bathing and grooming!

The really cool part was that she received it from Dani, who was helping out with the ribbons.
I'd say that Dani is just a tad proud of her sister!

Posing for championship picture

after Championship picture!

Dani congratulates Snoopy and tells him that she wishes they don't have to sell him now.
Krista assures her that she's going to try to buy him back.

After she won the Intermediate Showmanship, she competed in the overall competition.
But before that took place, the senior division had to show.
So, Snoopy, Krista and Mom waited patiently.

They showed again and then the results were in.

She was named as the Reserve Grand Champion for Market Beef.

All in all, Snoopy and Krista had an exceptional day. She won Reserve Champion for Market Beef, Champion Crossbred Steer, and Champion Intermediate Showmanship. Oh, and let's not forget that she also got a purple ribbon in the carcass division.

The day before she had received a blue ribbon for Intermediate Sheep Showmanship
and a purple for Market Sheep Rate of Gain.

She got a blue ribbon on her art entry as well.

It was a great day and I am exhausted, but I can hardly wait until next year when Dani gets to show for the first time. It will be interesting to see how it goes with two kids showing .... they can both show three beef entries. Dani wants to do a goat and has already struck up a deal to buy one.

Speaking of goats, this little guy was my favorite part of the fair. He is only three weeks old. I wanted so badly to steal him, but I also value my life and my happy home so I left him with his momma. But believe me, it was hard.

Congratulations Krista! Job well done!


sister 3 said...

Hi. Congratulations!! Awesome job Krista!! Hey, how'd those cookie jars turn out? Love you all!


Three Sisters said...

Got home after lunch time today. Spent the morning scooping chips and poop out of all of the barns. Picking up and putting away stuff at the fair grounds for another year. We had so much fun!
Krista ending up selling Snoopy yesterday at the livestock auction (yes we are ALL still crying), Snoopy who weighed in at 1353 lbs. brought a whopping $3.50 a pound!!!! Westco and Snake Creek Angust/Larry Rice bought him. Then she sold her purple ribbon carcass calf Red Baron for $1.85 a pound and he weighed 1410 lbs. I will try and get pictures posted of her cookie jar, but it sold for $285.00. Can we all say it together ..... Krista can you loan me some money????
Both of Krista's steers went to the resale buyer who just happens to be Panhandle Feeders, which is co -owned by Chris Melson and Larry Rice (aka Keith's boss). So we are all threatening to sneak down to the feed yard and kidnap or cow nap Snoopy back!! He was an awesome calf with so much personality. Now that fair is done, it's time to get back into the school groove and back to work.

Sharon said...

Congratulations Krista....and congrats to your Mom & Dad for doing such a good job raising you