Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tenants Wanted

For Rent: Quality housing for a large colony of
Myotis Lucifugus. Kevlar lined nursery available immediately.

Nearby running water, an abundance of flies, gnats and skeeters
available for your dining pleasure.
Inquire within.

For more information on Little Brown Bats, go to:

They are fascinating creatures. Many, many thanks to my nieces Krista and Dani for getting me started with bat houses. Someday I want to add a remote web cam so that I can watch them as they care for their babies and young. Wouldn't that just be the coolest?!!


SisterTwo said...

So does this mean you have had no visitors to your houses yet?

sisterthree said...

be careful with those bats. there's been a rabies breakout in yolo county and a woman found a bat on the ground and touched it and had to have all of those shots in her stomach even though nothing bit her.

Sister One said...

I didn't originally get the houses mounted until late May when school was out. The prime time that they migrate back is in April so I'm sure they had already found other housing but I am very hopeful for next year.