Sunday, August 31, 2008

Photography Class

I'm taking a photography class on Saturday mornings and am saddened by how much harder it is to take pictures in manual mode. I totally suck! By the time I get the freaking thing set to take a picture, my subject wanders out of the frame. I have to find a reptile house and practice on some turtles.

This one would have been good if Isabella wasn't all blurry.

That one might have been good if the main subject wasn't see-through. Fortunately the big pile of dirty laundry in the background came through a little better.

I kind of like this one of her lying in the grass.

Here's a lovely one of my blue son. He looks almost as blue as he did in the newborn picture that Andrew emailed to everyone in my Yahoo adress book.

Just a friendly suggestion to any husbands out there-- if you're going to email a picture of your blue child to everyone you know, at least mail the one that doesn't make your wife look like a sumo wrestler.

Isabella's little belly and pained expressions make me laugh.

Here are a few of Anderson so he doesn't think I love Isabella more than him.

I think this tutu is really funny. I can't stop taking pictures of her in it.


Sister One said...

Too cute! I lmao at the sumo wrestler comment and your blue boy.

I really liked the one from your staycation where Anderson is staring at the dog. The dog is as tall as he is.

Sister One said...

Is Isabella taking dance lessons or does she just like running around in a tutu? I'm guessing she likes wearing tutus .... she sure doesn't take after her oldest aunt does she?!