Thursday, August 21, 2008

Old McDonald had a farm

and on that farm grew a lovely little garden.

Of course this garden wasn't perfect, there was an occasional weed or two.
But I promised my daugthers it would be better than last year.

We would be able to stand in the garden and eat fresh peas and tomatoes.

We would freeze lots of green beans, corn, and make lots of pickles.

We had dreams for this summer.

Of course the weeds did come....

But that's okay a week-end of marathon weeding
would whip this garden back into shape.
But then something happened one night....
a herd of cows crept through the gate and
we awoke the next morning to devastation to our front garden
the corn, potatoes and pumpkins grew in.
Everything was gone, but the weeds.
Then two days later.... the cows
wanted to visit the sald bar again.
But this time they took out everything
but a couple of tomato plants and one cucumber.
and left the weeds!
Where were the gaurd dogs?????
Oh that's right they were inside playing
So, I will have to just sit and watch my
water garden take bloom instead.

Maybe next year will be the year of the garden..
Okay little lamb why do you find that so funny?


Sister One said...

I LMAO when I read your post. Too funny. What great pictures of your water garden. Mine was looking pretty good until a certain golden retriever decided to become a vegetarian! I looked out into our pond by our herb garden the other night and Maybelle was lounging in the pond. She is now so big that she completely fills it up, but that doesn't seem to bother her. Then she loves to come in and crawl up on the futon or the recliner. Nothing like the smell of wet dog in the early evening .....

Sister One said...

I forgot to say that Max should always wear a hat! He's very handsome.